Finding Fitness Through Treatment

Hello again web-starz!

Today I would like to quickly address in a quick post about how I try to stay fit and healthy while undergoing treatment. As mentioned in my first blog post, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in early 2016. Upon my diagnosis, I knew that maintaining good health would be extremely important to my recovery (easier said than done).

If there is one exercise routine that I could advocate for, it would be to get out and move your body when you can! I have found that just doing your best to move your body every day can work wonders! At times something as simple as standing up and walking across the room can feel comparable to summiting Everest. However, in my experience the more you move, the better you will feel

As far as diet is concerned, I’m no nutritionist by any sense. I simply try to get a good healthy balance of fruit, veggies, and protein as suggested by my doctors.

In short, managing something like Leukemia can be very difficult at times. It can take a lot out of you. But in my opinion, a positive outlook and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is truly beneficial. Thanks for reading!

Stay good positive my friends


4 thoughts on “Finding Fitness Through Treatment”

  1. I’m not dealing with something like you are, but I’m adapting to the aging process and a back full of discs that just don’t see the sense in spending hours outside gardening at home and on projects. But, I keep going as long as I can and then adjust. Here’s to you finishing out the year on a high note and 2019 being an even better one for you and yours.

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